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Do you remember?


A few days ago,

Your nose was in gardenias.

Do you remember?

140623_dead_gardenia5_290 140623_dead_gardenia2_290140623_dead_gardenia3_290 140623_dead_gardenia4_290

If you can’t remember the fragrance of the gardenia well, don’t worry. That’s why we have seasons.

But here’s a couple of reminders, if you can’t wait until next year.

140621_gardenia_bud_290 140613_gardenia_bloom_290

I know, I know, online photographs don’t always give off strong fragrances.

Tender hearts

舞鶴草 . . . pronounced MY-ZURU-SOH. . . . Dancing. . . . cranes. . . . plant.


Weathered log, split grey.

Tender hearts, green, tumble free.

Ridgetop dancing cranes.


***Thanks to Yumi Shida’s father for plant identification.

I knew she could


I knew she could,

when she said—

nearly up to the rocks,

looking up through new leaves,

swirls of creamy yellow and pink,

crimson red,

like birds born overdue,

feathers more than ready,

just a little wet,


like baby birds

with more strength than baby birds

could rightfully possess,

pushing free from

shells with no more weight

than a glimmer of light

(but how firm they’d held!),

looking up through leaves at an azure

deeper than we’d ever known before,

her fingertips

pressing into my shoulder—

I knew she could,

when she said,

“I wish I could fly.”


An easy decision


Let’s see, up along the ridge of Hakkorei, the white yashio are blazing and an azure sky has come out to play.  You could join them.

Or you could stay down in the city, download the version of Adobe Acrobat that the U.S. government has decided you have to have  before you can fill out the form you have to fill out declaring the savings you have to declare held in “foreign” banks (geez, it’s just the local bank down the street), and submit the document electronically . . . the main instructions a mere 21 pages, the supplementary instructions only a few pages more.

Right. Into the car we leap, up the highway we fly.

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea,

Drink the wild air’s salubrity:

When the star Canope shines in May,

Shepherds are thankful and nations gay.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

140601_fuji3_290 140601_red_azaelasb_290140601_conifer_needles_290 140601_blue_sky_green_leaves2_290140601_fuji_big_290 140601_yashio_290140601_yashio_leaves_290 140601_fuji_290

“Trust instinct to the end, even though you can give no reason.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson