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Watch the ravens


Well, I was getting my dinner ready when suddenly there was a knock on the door. It was one of those two Shizuoka Duo guys. The one that’s a bit high-strung. (You get used to it. At least I have.)


The first thing he says—the only thing he says—is, “I wanna sing.”

“Well, then, sing,” I say.

I’m at the genkan, and he’s still out on the front porch.

“I mean,” he says, “I wanna sing for Persimmon Dreams.”


I finally ascertained what he had in mind, so I invited him in, and made him a glass of yuzu tea. Then I went upstairs to look for the Persimmon Dreams recording studio. I found it, pretty quickly, in the pocket of my hiking jacket.


I got everything set up for him downstairs. He tuned up his ukulele. I pressed the record button.

And then he says, “Did you go for a walk today?”

“No,” I say.  “Kind of cold out.”

“That’s why you go for a walk.”


“Is this one of those prose pieces?” I ask.

“We’ll go for a walk after I do this,” he says.

“Are you ready?” I get ready to re-start “the equipment.”


“Sure,” he said.

And this is what he sang. I leave it here as a record of my day.

She . . . said to me

We . . . don’t need to be

And I . . . could only sit

And cry.


She . . . said to me

I . . . am going to leave

And I . . . could only sit

And cry.


Lean into December light / Feel the warmth before the night

Lean into December light / Watch the ravens taking flight


She . . . left me there

I . . . knew not where

And I . . . could only close

My eyes.


I looked within

My heart . . . so paper thin

And I . . . could only see

All awry.


Lean into December light / Feel the warmth before the night

Lean into December light / Watch the ravens taking flight


Watch the ravens taking flight

160115_pond2_b_600Watch the ravens taking flight




“Let’s go for a walk,” I said, when we were done.



Yatsuyama friends


What a lovely day!

What a day to meet three wonderful friends at Kiyomizu Park and, under a creamy blue sky, walk the backbone of Yatsuyama . . . where so many other friends were there to share a smile with us.


Elegant friends.


Strong and stable friends . . . friends who’ve been around for a long time, keeping an eye on everything.


And friends who’ve been around even longer—keeping an eye on even more.160102_yatsuyama_friend_signs_600

Friends who’ve been supportive for a long time, even after they themselves wore down.


New friends.


And friends we’ll only have the chance to meet this once.

Thank you, Yatsuyama!