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Shizuoka University

The Font: A Literary Journal for Language Teachers has recently published its Spring 2014 issue. I was tickled to discover that, in The Font's newsletter, I was listed as the "Featured Author." Thank you, James. You're a kind soul. My essay is called "A Good Thing." The Font's definitely worth checking out, especially (and obviously) if you're a language teacher. Fiction, poems, creative non-fiction can provide a powerful new perspective on language and teaching.

Many thanks to the School of East Asian Studies at the University of Sheffield for publishing my article about writing Along the Same Street in their January, 2014 Newsletter. Click here for the online version of the newsletter. My article is on page 5.

An easy-to-download Japanese-English vocabulary list for
Along the Same Street was added on Sept. 20, 2013. Just click on "Along the Same Street information"--or here. Sentence structure in the novel is not difficult. With this list, the novel becomes relatively easy to read for native Japanese speakers. Feel free to send comments about the list--or thoughts on other teaching materials that might be useful.
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