Persimmon Dreams Press
Order Info

If you are in the U.S. (or want shipped from the U.S.), order with here.

In the U.K., order with here.

In Japan, order with here.

Or if you live reasonably close to Shizuoka Station or Shizuoka University and would like a hand-delivered copy, send STEVE an e-mail at mail [at], and STEVE will do his best to find a time and place to bring you a book!

もしあなたが静岡駅か静岡大学の近くに住んでいて、手渡しでこの本を買いたい場合は、スティーヴ mail [at] にEメールを送ってください。追ってスティーヴからあなたに連絡致します!

Or you can purchase the book at the SEIKYO shop at Shizuoka University (Shizuoka campus).