Cedar shade


They’re about the sappiest couple I’ve ever met, that young man and woman who like to call themselves, collectively, “Shizuoka Duo.”

A couple of love birds. Always smiling.

So there they were, back from a hike up through the Ryuso cedars, still holding hands, still glowing, saying they’d hummed out a song together, la-la-lahed it out as they walked through the woods (“our” woods, they said, “we were the only ones up there”), standing at my front door, asking if I could pull the Persimmon Dreams recording studio out from my pocket and record them.

What was I going to do? Whatever I think of their singing, well, they were awful cute standing there.

I . . . love to see you

Smile . . . smile like you do

Your eyes . . . always say . . . something so true.


We . . . walk cedar shade


Above our heads . . . sparkling jade


Canopy light . . . really knows . . . . how to persuade.  


 Needles soft . . . under our feet

Azaleas bright . . . dancing so sweet

Nightingale . . . melody . . . oh what a treat.


Sometimes . . . we do kneel


Moist green moss . . . our fingers feel


These woods . . . now just ours . . . cool and tranquil.


 I . . . love to see you

Smile . . . smile like you do

Your eyes . . . always say . . . something so true.

(Photos, as best I remember, from recent climbs up Yambushi, Hakkorei, Bara-no-dan, and Ryuso.)



2 thoughts on “Cedar shade

    1. Thanks, Nancy. As I wrote, those pictures are from a number of different recent hikes. One, though, was in a drizzly mist. We never thought once about putting on raincoats. It felt great.

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